Shared Apartment/Corporate Accomodations

Basic Information and Homestay Fee

Corporate accommodations in apartments convenient to the bus line are move-in ready,   fully furnished and stocked with necessities for a smooth arrival transition.    Depending on your arrival date and apartment availability we can provide you,   your professional or your students with an accommodation that will be safe and comfortable.  We can provide you a room in a two or three bedroom apartments that are conveniently   located near Virginia Tech and LCI . They are also close to grocery stores and public  transportation.  These apartments come fully furnished, utilities included.  Internet, cable tv, electric service and a parking space are provided.   The rate is dependent on the length of the lease period.     Apartment fees and locations are quoted for groups or individuals.

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Pay Your BH Homestay Fees Homestay Membership Fee (nonrefundable) $390.00 USD 2 month shared bath w/ Full Meals $1,975.00 USD 2 month room w/kitchen privileges $1,405.00 USD 2 month room w/ private bath & Full Meals $2,130.00 USD
Homestay Policies
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How to Apply & Receive Accommodations

  1. Contact Blacksburg Homestay to confirm availability
  2. Become a member of Blacksburg Homestay, pay your membership fee and receive membership approval
  3. Send in your Application with Passport, I-20, Visa or Picture ID
  4. Receive & Approve your Placement
  5. Receive, Review & Return your signed contract
  6. ​Pay your Homestay Fees by Bankwire or Paypal

  Add a $32 Bank Handling Fee to all Bankwires

  Fees paid through Paypal will include a Paypal Fee. 

Travel From the Airport

   Clay Street Cottage

 Fully Furnished 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage located at 730 Clay Street, SE      here in Blacksburg convenient to the bus, walking distance to downtown and near  lovely residential trails and communities.

Our homes provide a private bedroom, shared or private bath and the following:​ bed, desk, lamp, linens, closet, chair, internet connection, laundry facilities. If you choose a meal program, Continental breakfast and dinner can be provided. Homes are located within minutes of Virginia Tech and LCI. Some of our homes allow smoking, some will have pets. Call us or email to find out what we have available.   We will select  the home that best matches  your application and our availability.
A non-refundable Membership Fee of $375 is required for Blacksburg Homestay membership.   No reservation will be held for non-members.    Contracts can be flexible, however, we have a minimum of 2 months. Some homestays require a minimum 6 month period.  Your first Housing Payment is required in advance of the move-in  date and prior to any following extension date as stated in the individual's contract or extension. ​Review our Homestay Policies Here

Furnished Studios 

Fully furnished, studio apartments close to downtown Blacksburg, shopping, Virginia Tech and public transportation. Located at 311 Ellett Road near the newest restaurants, bike trail, theatres and shopping! 
Contact Pointe West Management at 540-953-1341 to book a studio
​Free Parking available.
​Setup options available to make your move as carefree as possible! Flexible leasing offered as available.
Handicapped accessible available
Pricing available upon request and adjusted to lease periods
​Visit www.blacksburghomestayvillage. com