Host a Student or Professional !

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Join Us and provide a home away from home for an international university student or visiting scholar at Virginia Tech.
The Remuneration is generous for providing a furnished room or rooms.  You can participate in our meals program by providing a continental breakfast and a full dinner or just kitchen privileges.  The remuneration is increased to respond to the service.
​Give me a call and let's talk about the opportunity to expand your life experience and turn your spare room into an economic advantage.
​In a few minutes you can change your family's life and your future!
How We Began
Home Away Homestays started when Blacksurg Homestay started in 2003.  Mary Ann W. Lentz simiply invited a young Korean, Kangsub Ahn, into her home.  He was studying English as a second language at Virginia Tech and was a close family friend of her Japanese girlfriend from VT 30 years ago!  It was unusual at first to host a student but I engaged and met his friends and invited more students informally into my home.
The Students kept coming from VT, the Language and Culture Institute, VT Interns and visiting professors.  For them, short term housing was not readily available.  In some cases, short term turned into over 2 years.
The Experiences with each student have been wonderful.  The families that have joined Home Away Homestays as it has grown have their own stories to tell of relationships with new found friends from around the world.