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Nestled in the hills of Southwest Virginia, Virginia Tech is the destination of thousands of Students and Young Professionals every year. Blacksburg Homestay is here to provide you with a place to call home with furnished apartments and homestays with families.

The Language and Culture Institute of Virginia Tech offers an in-depth study in English to prepare you for your future study at Virginia Tech. Visit their website, or speak to the Beth Loar at 540-231-9192 to plan your course of study.

BLACKSBURG HOMESTAY provides housing, short and long term, for International Students and Visiting Scholars while studying at Virginia Tech here in Blacksburg, Virginia.
We have engaged a group of families that offer private rooms to individuals. Some of our families provide the meals program, some have pets, some are single and some have children. They all are looking forward to having your company!

Check out Blacksburg Homestay on Facebook! It's new this April. You will gradually see more and more pictures of Blacksburg Homestay's participants and hosts.

Email for our application form, apply and with confirmation of availability pay your application fee.

Travel to and from the airport

When you make your travel plans try to land in roanoke on a weekday before 6:30pm. Check out the Smartwaybus schedule that will take you from Roanoke airport to Squires Student Center($5) if your arrival times coincide. You can also take the Roanoke Airport Taxi safely ($65) to your homestay if you come in late.

Contact me at
Call me at 540-552-1149 in our office and I will answer your questions.

All of our fees can be paid through PayPal using your credit cards.
Click here to make your payments

Your non-refundable Application fee in the amount of $300/$315 by paypal is required to apply to be considered to receive a homestay. Your application fee is required in advance of your contract. BE SURE TO IDENTIFY THE STUDENT'S NAME FOR WHOM YOU ARE MAKING THE APPLICATION FEE PAYMENT IN THE "INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER" AREA OF THE PAYPAL FORM
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